Omega for the Pack

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Omega For the Pack [Book 1]


Five alphas.
One omega.
The fate of their pack is in their hands.
But what about the fate of their hearts?

When Ray presents as an omega instead of an alpha, his life changes forever. As a male omega, he's expected to mate with a select group of alphas and start a pack of his own. 

The five men selected for him are as different as they are keen. And one of them is his best friend, Josh, who Ray was sure could never return his feelings. But now they all must deal with the mating instinct that the power of the Moon brings out in them; and after that... Ray will have bigger problems than a crush. 

Can Ray become the submissive omega his pack needs him to be? Will the alphas understand how hard it is for him, or demand more than he can give?


The beginning of the alpha/beta/omega dark erotic romance series, The Stars of the Pack.

"Simpler Than Most" started as "The Easiest Romance In The World"... which in the world where Ray's romantic misadventures inspired more than 300,000 words of angsty drama, it's true. There's a little conflict, of course, because Sergi has his hang-ups and Iesu's cool-as-a-cucumber attitude is both charming and disconcerting to someone who has spent so much time worrying about what people might think of him for being into guys as well as girls.               



It can be read after "Omega for the Pack", if you need a breather from the aforementioned angst fest, or at any other point, although I do recommend reading it before "Beloved of the Pack" since Sergi's and Iesu's relationship get some scenes in that one. Because it's a novella, selling it on Amazon at a reasonable price of 0.99 means I get less than half of the royalties so I appreciate direct sales more if you are inclined! In future, I'll be uploading all my books to my website 2 weeks before they go live on Amazon. Just go to the shop here.                                                                                                                                          




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