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Hockey was everything to them both... Until they met each other.


All Keenan Avali wants to do is play hockey. It doesn’t matter that he’s an alpha, he’s got no interest in dominating anywhere but on the ice.


When Cartwright Johnson joins the Flames he expects to play hard to compensate for being an omega who dared to pursue a professional hockey career, but after his last team traded him, he is not making the mistake of falling for a teammate ever again. He’s sure he’s got the control to keep his pants on and his heart closed... until he meets Keenan Avali.


An omega can't trust an alpha, much less one as hot as Avali, but nobody can fail to see they play together like they were made for it. For how long can they be the perfect teammates on ice when off it they can't stand to look at each other?



Cracking Ice is their story. Contains social commentary, alphas and omegas under the control of their instincts, friendship, romance and very mixed feelings.

Cracking Ice final ebook cover (1).jpg

With many thanks to my editors: Elouise East, Ash Knight, AJ Bixler, Gema Celia Rodriguez & Susans Havens Socci.

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