Cut scene #5 - This was the original scene in which Ray tells Josh he’s pregnant. For obvious reasons it didn’t make it anywhere into the real storyline, but I thought you might be interested in the scene. Comes right after the events of Alpha For the Pack.


Chapter 1 – Baby for the Pack


Later, Ray wouldn’t even know why he’d said it, but he had said it, and Josh had answered. 

“If you are okay with every alpha liking me…”

“Not really, every alpha wants to sleep with you, but that’s about it. Nicholas, for one, couldn’t have liked you that much, if he…” Josh paused, maybe hearing how fast Ray’s heart was beating despite his efforts to keep his breathing even. “Ray…? What’s wrong?”

Ray’s throat had closed up. Nicholas’ scent was suddenly all over him again, he could feel his weight holding him down and… Josh’s fingers were digging into his arms and finally his voice penetrated the fog in Ray’s brain. “Ray, please.”

He was panting, he realized, and sweating too, and so cold he leaned into Josh and trembled against him. Josh held him, rubbing soothing circles against his back. “It’s okay,” he said, again and again. But Ray could tell the longer Ray was silent, the less he believed it.

“I’m sorry,” Josh said after a while, hands firmly locked around Ray. “I should have asked you about it before.”

“I’d have lied,” Ray rasped out, face almost completely buried in Josh’s shoulder.

“Lied?” Josh repeated.

Ray nodded. “I can do it, if it’s not an order to tell the truth specifically,” he explained. He wasn’t sure he would have told any of the others, but this was Josh. And he was hoping…

Josh went very still, but he didn’t let go of him and that had to mean something, right? If he knew already… Ray curled his fingers tighter around the belt loops of Josh’s jeans.  

“Ray, do you want me to order you to tell me the truth?”

Ray swallowed, eyes squeezed shut tight enough to see stars, then he nodded against Josh’s shoulder. His friend exhaled shakily against his cheek. He never wanted to let go, but things could never be same after this… Josh stiffened right before he did it, as if he needed to brace himself to manage the right tone. “Tell me truth, Ray. Tell me what happened.”

The compulsion made him gasp, mind racing for the words it needed to give his alpha what he wanted. It hurt, but it helped too because it took away all doubt. The wolf didn’t have room for doubt when its alpha demanded something of it, and so neither did Ray. “He… I couldn’t stop him. I wasn’t strong enough. I didn’t stop him fast enough.”

Josh didn’t move or speak. He didn’t push away and Ray could have almost cried if he hadn’t known the relief was short-lived, the product of shock rather than acceptance. 

“Fast enough for what?” Josh finally asked.

“He…” Ray’s voice hitched, the magic inducing him to speak was strong but not stronger than the emotion welling up in his throat. “He didn’t knot me,” he offered weakly, as much procrastination as he could manage, “but… it was the full moon, and he was inside me…”

“Fuck,” Josh swore, pain laced through his voice like acid. “No.”

Ray only realised he was crying when he tasted the tears as he opened his mouth to plead. “I’m sorry,” he said again, “I’m sorry, please, I… please.”

“Calm down,” Josh said, but his voice was too choked up to form a real order.

Ray let his alpha hold him, and did his best to obey. But it was hopeless: he couldn’t really calm down, not when he’d finally spoken of it, when it was finally true. Now he couldn’t pretend he was imagining things any more, he couldn’t pretend it wasn’t happening.

And that meant he didn’t know what would happen to him: he’d never heard of an omega in his situation before. What did an alpha do when his omega was carrying another alpha’s child?

[end cut scene 5]

Note: "Baby for the Pack" was the name of the original third book of the series when it was a trilogy, that's it, before Alec ate my brain with "Midnight Encounters" and I decided to write "Protectors of the Pack" and so obviously the last book also needed an 'of' title.

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