Stranger than Fiction

Let me tell you a story... it’s the kind of strange that’s better suited to reality than fiction, but since it’s me, it mixes them both.

In 2015, I began writing what I thought was a fun hockey romance about an omega with a chip on his shoulder and the alpha who believes he is straight until he smells said omega, his new teammate and totally off-bounds.

It was not meant to be an epic but it took a life of its own. Keenan soon revealed all his romantic notions about soulmates came from his happily bonded parents... his father is wheelchair-bound from a childhood accident and his mother suffers from an unspecified mood disorder severe enough she ended up in hospital regularly. Keenan grows up with these two people who are vulnerable and hurting... and who have got each other’s backs %100.

The year I finished writing “Cracking Ice”, my dad had a massive stroke and ended up wheelchair-bound. As a direct consequence my mum lost her grip on reality to the point where we finally found out her endless depression was in fact BPD. Their tumultuous relationship was a huge contributing factor behind both their illnesses. They were happy once, true soulmates who always went back to each other, but unlike Keenan’s parents, they didn’t have a solid support system or economic stability. Maybe I unconsciously just dreamed them up a happier alternate life, maybe I saw through the bullshit and the betrayal into their love for each other.

Maybe I can see the future (and I really should stick to happy endings!)

Another thing that became true is my little sister becoming a lawyer (well, not quite, she graduates this year and has like a bazillion more courses to do, but well on her way) and you can now buy meat that is grown in labs. No lab grown artificial leather yet, but it’s gotta be a matter of time at this rate!

Time to go write the future,

Talk to you soon!

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