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Two Alphas. One Omega... And the Moon is full.


School is over. Forever. And Cole is ready for real life to start. His new apprenticeship as a mechanic promises enough money to get a little flat in town, close to his pack but not too close. And who knows what else he could do with that freedom?


But before that, there’s a camping trip to the woods with his best mates, TJ and Ari. TJ has been Cole’s best friend since before school and he’s almost as good getting out of trouble as getting into it. Ari came later, but Cole can’t imagine life without his sharp intelligence and sweet smiles either.


If you are into guys, they don’t make them easier on the eyes than TJ and Ari, but Cole is just fine keeping that to himself. They have meat to grill, some beer, and three nights to say goodbye to their childhood.


Everything is going great until Cole starts feeling odd. Within a few hours, his whole life is turned upside down: he is an omega. He is in heat. And he is alone in the woods with two alphas.


There is no going back from that night and Cole isn’t sure their friendship can survive what they shared, but one thing is for certain: an omega cannot walk away from his fate.


A happier look at accidental sex story. HFN. M/M/M werewolf alpha/omega/alpha first-time standalone romance. This edition includes the novella “Omega Under the Moon: Six Months Later”.


This edition contains both the ebook for the original novel and the novella sequel, Omega Under the Moon: six months later.

Omega Under the Moon (Audiobook + free ebooks)

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€5.99Sale Price
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