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Want to read the books early? Suggest what should happen? Get to see behind the scenes?
Join the Street Teams!

  • Would you like to read works in progress? I’d expect some sort of feedback as you read but it can be down to “this works” or “this is a bit off”—although of course the more detailed, the better! I have created a separate list for it since I know a lot of people are a bit wary of unfinished stories, but for those fans of seeing things come to life, scroll down and join the Beta Wolves!

  • Would you like to help with launch parties and reviews? (This would include the chance of getting copies of my new and older books to write an honest review). If that’s your thing, join the Alpha Readers!

  • If you have already subscribed but would like to help, you can change your settings from the link on your email or contact me and I'll do it for you :)

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