"Betas Aside" is a little delayed, but I should be able to upload it to the website today

I'm particularly looking forward to hearing what you think because it's my first f/f novel. That said, while "Betas Aside" is told from Marisa's and Irina's point of view, expect a lot of Ray, Iesu and even Alec. The title is, in that sense, much more about how the guys have sort of relegated the betas to a secondary role in their own narratives than the opposite.

I have been meaning to write more f/f, but the truth is that I read so much m/m that I get used to those dynamics and it's been hard for me to find f/f that I enjoy at all because I don't actually like traditional cutesy romances and I have a lot of issues with some portrayals of women. Recently, I tried an f/f novel by an author who wrote an m/m book I loved--very atmospheric, with a neuroatypical MC with an interesting sporting goal--and stopped reading the sample because it was all about clothing and urban descriptions...

If you have read my books, you know I like my angst and characters who can live with that angst but move past it too--any recs would be super welcome*.

* Especially by my editor, who spent hours of her time changing "he" to "she"!

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