The Wisdom of the Ignorant Effect

My mum sends me a lot of emails—a lot more than I could read without a full time job and a passion for writing, really—but I’m glad I opened this one about the Dunning-Kruger effect.

It’s basically the science that backs up what we have all seen: the less a person knows about something, the more they think they do and more confident they are about it. They checked university students on different scales and found that there was an inverse correlation between ability and perceived ability.

So next time someone refuses to listen to your sage advise, I want you to remember there was a guy in the 80s who robbed not one but two banks… barefaced. When the police caught him, he was shocked painting his face with lemon juice hadn’t rendered him invisible to the cameras.

P.S: Wrote you all a porny short. Will be free since it's a present! :) Currently being beta-read, but here's the two covers, which one do you like better? A or B?

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