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First, I have a confession to make. I have never played ice-hockey. I love figure skating and as a kid field hockey was my favourite sport at school. Much later, I fell in love with Hockey RPS. I didn't know the real people because I only care about characters and I know about ten actors real names at any given time, but I knew the writers and I sure as hell wasn't going to miss their writing. Just needed to know the guys played hockey on the same team, really. These are fanfic, so they're all free--just leave the authors some feedback :) Then someone added a/b/o to the mix and BOOM. I possibly re-read Hazel's 'A light-handed approach to regulation' enough times to rewrite it from memory and it still leaves me squealing every time. Without this fic, I’d have never started writing my own hockey fic. Then there's 'Tour de Force' by TheHoyden also about the same hockey dudes, without a/b/o but where hockey dude gets into trouble for partying too hard and ends up deciding to take up writing as a hobby... and proceeds to write what is basically a very long friendship fic between two hockey players, publishes it anonymously and revolutionizes the hockey world. Everyone is wondering who the writer is since he’s clearly a pro, as well as… are these 2 fictional players a little more than friends? Included hockey dude’s bbf and fellow hockey teammate, who happens to be the inspiration for one of the characters. Very fourth-wall breaking, also one of my favourite things. Dipolar Coupling by fourfreedoms is an amazing romp where both these players are alphas and have a hard time sharing the territory they both feel belongs to them (the team) while unable to stop trying to make the other submit. It does not go as planned, naturally. Fourfreedoms is one of my read-right-away authors and this one has a lot of BDSM themes and identity vs practice that I just adore! So of course I figured I would start a hockey story myself. Why not, right? It was a whim… in 2015. Yeah, I’ve been at it for three years—I have taken it to Italy and Spain twice! and it's 180,000 words already—and every time I thought I was close to the ending... I wasn’t so much. Except this time, this time I mean it, “Cracking Ice”, I’m gonna be done with you before the year is over! In the meantime... there’s no harm in writing the companion story about the boys’ beta linemate, right? You don’t even know the boys, I know, but let me tell you about Thomas. It goes like this: Thomas is the oldest kid of a very traditional alpha/omega couple who are quite disappointed he didn’t present, his father was once married to a beta woman until he met Thomas’s dad and saw the error of his ways (bisexuality is the default in this 'verse, btw). Thomas plays as right-winger for the Hell Flames, he's 22 and moved out of his parents' house a couple years ago, so he's free from their expectations. Technically, at least, because he has four younger sisters living at home he struggles to take out of that toxic environment as often as possible. Not a lot of time for dating, but he does have the muscles, so when he meets a smoking hot lawyer at his little sister’s concert… He goes for it. The lawyer he can’t tell is an alpha since betas can’t perceive scent. Uriel is a stand-up kind of guy, raised by a beta couple who adopted him as a young child and who divide their time between activism and kicking arse at their jobs. He’s got reasons to have issues about being an alpha man and the amount of power that implies and he gets kinda addicted to Thomas treating him like a person—nothing more, nothing less. So he doesn’t tell him on the first date, and he doesn’t tell him on the second, and with every day they can’t resist spending together, the secret grows heavier… This one I call “Not Destiny”, because Simone De Beauvoir deserves quoting, dammit! I’m also almost done with it :D Anyway, I'll show you the covers of "Not Destiny" soonish and in the meantime, I hope you enjoy my recs. What hockey stories do you love yourself? Throw them my way, I need all the inspiration! :D

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