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At the whim of the stars... (not really)

I have always been a supremely logical person (hello, autism!) But in the last year, thanks to my partner, I have got into astrology. All my life I thought it was those 5 lines in the newspaper or whatever and I thought: how can everyone born in a 1-month bracket be the same? It can’t possibly be true!

Of course it turns out the simplified version of literally nothing is true, isn’t it? Imagine describing a bechamel recipe as ‘add milk, flour and heat up’? lol

Then for my birthday, my aunt gave me a birth chart reading—which is when they check where each planet in the solar system was when you were born (this is calculated with a computer nowadays, so no maths meltdowns). The sun is always in the sign of the month (so someone born today would have their Sun in Scorpio) but it turns out that you don’t necessarily look like your Sun sign to the world because there are two other factors at play.

The Moon (our beloved queen) is where your emotions are and your ascendant is the sign you look like. My ascendant is in Aquarius so in real life (maybe also online?) people think I’m a laid-back creative hippy (a simplification) who loves big ideas. It’s not untrue but it’s a very small part of the truth, if you follow. At the same time, the way people see us determines how they react to us so I find it quite useful to know.

Another truth that made astrology click for me is that it’s not fixed, the day & time of your birth give some planets influence over different areas of your life but then it’s up to you to develop them so they express positive traits. It’s a bit like how an omega has some needs but then they can work through them in different ways, but in the end, they have gotta accept themselves as an omega before they can work with what they got.

Anyway, right now we are in one of my major signs, Scorpio is strong in me, guys, and Scorpio goes deep (this is how I’m a total geek who can spend hours researching, say… the mating & social habits of wolves) and I just felt like sharing a bit about myself and seeing if any of you are fans of astrology.

Scorpio is also known to be a bit of a sex maniac/god, so dunno if you are shocked? ;p

If you aren’t into astrology, I dare you to go watch Netflix’s new show ‘An Astrological Guide to Broken Hearts’, which is a simplification but has some interesting stuff for beginners. Also, hilarious :p

If you are… What are your major signs? Has it helped you in your life?

What have you experienced in your life that has made you think there is something beyond the physical?*

*Though to be honest the planets are solid af—for the most part!

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