Lessons in Pretty & Passion

Before we get to New Year Resolutions and all that, I want to tell you about what I learned this year. It all started with a book called Time Management for Authors that I picked up on someone’s recommendation, only it turned out it was not an author thing, it was a person living in this fucking crazy century guide!

So the first step was to write down everything you have to do in your life, whether for work/family/housework. The list gets long, unless you’re living in an island with 24/7 drink bringers and such, I guess? (Send us some photos!)

In any case, once you have the list, you divide it in 3:

· Essential Drudgery (paying bills, doing laundry, cleaning)

· Passion Zone (Someone else could do it, but you enjoy it—ie. Cooking or making my own covers)

· Mastery Zone (stuff you can only do, like writing is for me but also meditation and spending time with my loved ones.)

The idea is that once you know which things are boring & annoying, you can try to pay someone or swap with someone. Plus obviously you can prioritize more consciously, automatize, postpone, etc.

Anyway, back to me, this is what led me to seek a cover artist, which I’m sure you will agree was a very good idea. I’m still very involved in the process but having someone with the tech skills and the time is immensely liberating.

I’m also swapping language lessons for other admin work with an old friend who’s just moved back to the UK, so it’s not all about money.

Do you have any time saving/managing hacks you live by? Please let me know & I can share them in the next email!

P.S: I have a present for you coming up! ;p

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