LGBT Movie rec: The Old Guard

So this is not book related, but if you love gay romance and you watch visual media, you HAVE to check this out. I stumbled on a rec for this myself and watched it that night straight through (I just couldn't PAUSE). The tension in is The Old Guard phenomenal and although it is not a romance, there are not one but two same sex romance subplots (main characters both!), as well as other types of diversity and a group of friends who are like family. There is some graphic violence so be forewarned but I found it easy to glance away myself (just take care of yourself).

To summarise:

  • Gay romance

  • Matrix-like fight scenes

  • Forever friends (literally, these guys are immortals)

  • Great tough female characters

  • Great sensitive male characters

  • Cool mythology/worldbuilding

I'm in the UK and this is on Netflix, I think it's on Netflix everywhere else too, though I'd watch this in the cinema (if cinemas were a sensible thing right now) and I kinda hate cinemas (no toilet breaks kill me, and I get twitchy) & buy a copy to keep too.

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