LGBTQ Rec: Young Royals (tv show)

O M G! I can't express how excited I am about this show right now. Last year (century?) we got Red, White and Royal Blue a sort of young adult but not really romance between a fictional prince of England and the bisexual biracial first son of the United States (also fictional lol). But if you read and wanted visuals... here we come!

The Swedish got you covered with Young Royals where the second prince of the Swedish Crown falls for his working-class biracial classmate at boarding school. Are you still here? Let me also tell you of the most popular girl, who's a chubby black girl and the friendship between her and working-class!boy's autistic twin sister which makes my heart sing.

The UST is fantastic, the filming is clever and everyone is fairly normal looking but very pleasing to look at. It's only got 6 episodes so far but I have no doubt it will continue to get more complex and interesting!

Okay, I'm going to let you go watch now. If you do/did, please come to Facebook or Twitter and squee with me!

Happy watching!


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