Sports, keep them low

I gotta confess, for a sport to make sense to me, the ball has to be under waist level. I’m quite good at drawing and minimalist work in general so I’m thinking maybe my poor eye-hand coordination in the context of tennis and basketball is an autistic superpower (like running into walls, mostly while reading <.<). But anyway, hockey was pretty perfect for me, they even gave me a stick to hit the ball! I got quite hardcore about it in primary school, and then again when I began teaching in primary school and the kids needed an extra person on their team.

I’m no whiz on the ice, since they ice skating rinks in London are always full of kids going backwards and I get stressed out, but I have been roller blading around for about five years (in the warmer months since you do *not* want to have non-porose wheels when the concrete is wet) and I love it to bits.

So I do know some, but about 90% of the hockey is the fruit of countless hours of reading hockey fanfic and watching ice skating competitions. And the help of A.J. Bixler, hockey fiend extraordinaire.

Like these guys, which hit me right in the feels:

What about you, my bookish friend? Are there any sports/sweaty-making activities (no! get out of the gutter) that make you happy?

P.S: If you’re into anime, please tell me you have watched Yuri on Ice, the ONE mainstream anime that went gay for real. Like, just so you don’t hate me, they have been working on season 2 or a movie to complete the storyline for like 2 years. But SO worth it.

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