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Werewolves of Windermere

The series will go out of Kindle Unlimited on March 30th, but if you borrow before that, you can keep reading as long as you like :) Or you can grab it on my shop any time, of course.

Anyway, let me tell you a bit about these guys...

Devlin was my first. Before I was brave enough to give an omega (Ray) 5 mates, I thought two was quite enough… Of course, I also went a lot more accurate with biology (you’ll see what I mean, it’s traumatic for the guy, shockingly ;p). The main difference is that Devlin is 26 years old and in this version of the Omegaverse omegas are pretty okay sexually until they let an alpha fuck them so Devlin’s been off to uni and is finishing his Phd in biology all the way in Scotland.

And then he gets a call his Dad died in a freak accident and he needs to go back to Windermere to attend the funeral. What he doesn’t know is that he won’t be leaving his hometown unless he agrees to mate one of the men his brother, the new Alpha, chose for him. Devlin, unlike Ray, technically has a choice, but he is trapped by a person into letting the Moon screw him over and in a poor attempt at rebellion, he chooses both men. After all, while they’re busy posturing, he can have his own life, right?

Maybe you read this series a while back (it’s been in Kindle Unlimited for about 5 years) but now it’s finally complete. Things are very hard at the beginning but they get better in the last book.

Werewolves of Windermer

Or separate links for non US/UK bibliophiles: BOOK 1, BOOK 2, BOOK 3

* By the way, there is an extra epilogue taking place 3 years later, link is at the end of book 3 :)

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