Want a free short? Give me a prompt!

Time for big goals… In 2019 I would like to write everyone a little birthday present!

Please tell me when it’s your birthday and give me 2 writing prompts for a scene/s. I’m thinking porny but if you want angst, you know I can always make them suffer! :p

I make no promises regarding what will come out but I’ll have *something* for you—assuming I don’t get an avalanche here, of course!

E.G. KinkyPrincess – January 12 (Please write out the month, otherwise I don't know if you're using M/D or D/M :p).

Prompt 1: An omega.... [Noncon, mpreg, etc kinks] & Prompt 2:…

***If you don't give me a prompt, I'm unlikely to write you anything. Tempt me a little, go on! If you give me a kink I'm not into, that's totally fine, you respect my weird kinks, I respect your weird kinks--we're all queer here one way or another, I figure!

If you prefer, come join my Facebook group to see the shorts, which I'll post on my website starting January 7th to avoid FB kicking me out :p

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