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A Bond Unbroken (cover reveal & first scene)

So I'm absolutely in love with the cover of my next book. It's called A Bond Unbroken and it came about when a fan asked me to write a version of Omega for the Pack where Ray & Josh were girls. It is probably my favourite lesbian romance of mine to date and I even managed to keep it to a manageable short story size. I have rarely seen lesbian omegaverse romance and I think there is a lot to explore there so if readers enjoy this one, I might do another!

Do you like the cover? It's from Andi Hara Designs <3


And here's the first scene...


She wasn’t bitter. It was not that unexpected, was it? Women presented omega every day.

But she wasn’t going to take the first alpha her family shoved at her. Especially not when her mother was reminding her that she was bisexual and so shouldn’t she be open to anyone who wanted her? Like she was that desperate, or like she truly shouldn’t have cared about anything else about her partner since she wasn’t discriminating regarding their gender.

She was regretting coming out to her mum now—salt on a wound that wouldn’t heal for a long time.

Lia didn’t care about gender, but she did care about the little forever factor of mating with someone. She cared about trusting this person with her bloody life and wellbeing. And even her dad was acting like she was a kid who needed a little coddling while she came to accept her situation.

“Hey.” Amira’s voice, even over the phone, was better than a litre of vodka down her throat.

Lia splayed on her bed, closing her eyes and exhaling, feeling like she could breathe for the first time since she’d woken up the previous morning and realised her world was ending. “Hey.”

“Oh,” her best friend said softly. “So it’s true.”

Lia flinched, gritting her teeth, not so relaxed anymore. Of course Amira knew, it was impossible to keep a secret in their stupidly tiny pack. “Yes!” she spat.

Amira tsked her tongue reprovingly. “Don’t freak out on me,” she demanded, bossy and determined, just like she’d been at three and five and fifteen. Presenting alpha had made very little difference.

Presenting alpha as a woman was unusual, but it didn’t force you to do anything. For an alpha, all it took was staying away from an omega in heat and they could do as they pleased. And Amira was going off to university in a couple of months.

Not that Lia was bitter about that, either. “Really?” Lia asked. “I don’t get to freak out? My parents want me to choose someone before the next full moon!”

“Oh, wow, but—”

“It’s crazy!” Lia exploded, rolling onto her side and curling up around her mobile. “I can’t…”

“You won’t,” Amira told her firmly. “We won’t let that happen,” she added and Lia didn’t need to ask to know the plural referred to the two of them. Partners in crime, people had always called them.

She wondered if they could manage to be partners in justice, too.


“Amira…” she started to say, beg really. Because she wanted a solution, but she didn’t want empty promises.

“Lia, it will be fine,” her friend cut in. “I will mate you myself before I let anyone force you to choose a mate!”

The words echoed oddly in her brain for a few beats. “What?”

She heard Amira swallow and for the first time detected some hesitation. “Not mate, like… I’ll help you through your heat.”

The image was both intensely arousing and completely depressing. Lia had kept her crush under control all these years, but that didn’t mean it hurt any less to have the person she… someone she liked offering her a pity fuck.

“But it won’t come to that,” Amira was already saying with her usual confidence. “Don’t worry, I got you.”


It will be available in late September both on my website, Amazon, Kobo, etc. Or it will be available for free for Facebook group members since it's a birthday short :p

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